Protecting Weapons & Tools Against Thermal Invasions

There are, of course, a number of other invasions that negatively impact the condition of your weapons and tools. In the case of regular tool use, chemicals cover the tools and it cannot be removed simply through hand cleaning which, in any case, could affect the condition of the tools. And both tools and weapons will be susceptible or vulnerable to thermal evaporation. And then there is always the weather.

The natural elements, even if it is considered to be clean, contribute towards the gradual corrosion of tools and weapons. There is one effective method still being used regularly to protect tools and weapons over the long term. This is known as the process of applying PVD coating. It is a process that utilizes cathodic arc deposition. A sputtering process produces the sought after high quality protective coatings.

The PVD coating process produces finishes that are resistant to chemical infringements and the onset of corrosion. It is also a process that positively contributes to extending the lives of tools and weapons and thus helps its users to reduce their costs.  In the case of protecting firearms, the PVD coating process is known as tactical coating. PVD wear coatings are also invaluable for protecting dies, molds and substrates that require maximum protection against all invasions.

The protective coating processes can only really be applied effectively by qualified engineers with the relevant technical expertise. Part of that expertise includes an acute knowledge of the characteristics of tools and weapons and all its purposes.  These engineers are also abreast with new technologies now being applied. Their work is internationally recognized and commercial, industrial and public sector clients from around the world have access to it.

thermal evaporation

If you are still new to this work, you can watch video demonstrations online for an easier appreciation thereof.