Keep Your Seat

On farms, and out in the country, the land is open, rugged, and free. Folks rely on fences though, to keep livestock contained, and to provide a safety net between domesticated animals, and the wild ones who still freely roam the countryside.

As essential as coded security card keys for urban-dwellers, rural gate openers bring a new level of convenience and safety to the heartland of America.

rural gate openers

It can be dangerous, not just inconvenient, for someone to have to leave their vehicle to open a gate. In lightning storms, the danger of electrocution exists. In powerful winds, tree limbs can fall. Sadly, dangers lurk in the shadows of trees and farmhouses just as they do in dimly lilt alleyways beneath skyscrapers in big cities. People who mean to do harm to other people know no cultural or location boundaries. Those shadows can also hide wildlife like coyotes and bears who cannot differentiate between animal and human prey.

No one wants to get out of their warm vehicle to trudge through snow to open a gate. Feet that perhaps just got toasty and warm are suddenly cold again. Clothes that just got dried by the heat blasting in the vehicle just got wet and icy again. 

A hunter with a four-wheeler loaded down with deer doesn’t want to kill the engine of that ATV, jump off, open the gate, jump back on, re-fire the engine, and pull in, just to repeat the whole scenario again to close the gate.

Gate openers that open and close just make sense. They may not be considered a necessity now, but that’s only because they aren’t widely used yet. When they are, they will be labeled as a necessity.

Gate openers for farms and country homes are needed.

Their time has come.