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Alternative to Chrome Coatings

Some of the strongest coatings for industrial use are metal. These would be like those used on airplanes and automobiles, which are often a strong chrome. The only problem with chrome is that it is not self-leveling and it can get pinholes which need to be worked out later on. If those tiny holes are missed, it can compromise the integrity of the coating.

protective metal coatings

The solution for chrome-free protective metal coatings is a combination of nylon and epoxy applied in as a special blend to protect metal from damages of all kinds. It is highly durable and water-resistant, actually waterproof to be clear. The application is self-leveling, unlike chrome and it is perfect for all sorts of applications to protect metals.

Coating metal is very important. Consider aircraft as an example. Part of the structural integrity of the airplane is the coating that is on the hull, the wings, the flaps, and more. It ensures that the metal is completely sealed against the elements, providing a shield against various types of damages that would otherwise occur.

You will notice that many of the newer automobiles have this kind of coating and that is why they are so very durable overall. They have airplane strength coating too. Without the use of chrome, this was once impossible but now this new process offers a great solution that does not use chrome to protect metals. Besides, chrome is not as durable as the nylon and epoxy combination.

If you are a manufacturer and need to coat metals with a protective coating, find out more about this today. Look online for further information as soon as possible. You will be pleased with the outcome offered by specialty coating companies. It is a fast and simple process that goes on quicker and steadier than chrome.