Atlantic Broadband Offers Gigabit Internet

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It appears that gigabit internet is starting to gain popularity in the United States. While it is still at a much lower rate of deployment compared to standard broadband, it is gaining over the past few years. Major companies such as AT&T and Comcast have introduced gigabit internet in selected markets, while Google Fiber is also gaining ground.

Atlantic Broadband

Another company has now joined the gigabit party. Atlantic Broadband, a company that is based in states like New Hampshire and Maine, is now rolling out gigabit internet to many of its customers.

While the gigabit internet is the dream speed for many users, customers will be happy to know that other speeds are also being offered. What it means is that an average customer should see a lower internet bill, especially if are happy with their current speed.

Gigabit Network

A lot of work goes into creating a gigabit network. It is why the rollout is so slow, despite the technology already being there. Everything from broadband power dividers to other equipment must be laid out to ensure that such speeds can be supported by the network.

GigaEdge for Homes and Businesses

Those who live in major cities in New Hampshire and Maine will be happy to know that both homes and businesses can benefit from this gigabit internet. GigaEdge is the service that is available for homes, while Pro GigaEdge is the business offering.

Areas such as Farmington, Milton, New Durham and Barrington are getting the higher speeds in New Hampshire. Cities such as West Newfield and Lebanon are receiving gigabit internet in Maine.

Gigabit internet is a lot more powerful than regular broadband internet speeds, especially when it comes to downloads, uploads and latency. Users will see a remarkably better experience while streaming video too. It is especially helpful in households where multiple video streams are playing at the same time.